Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sophie is on the go...

Sophie has taken her first step!!! Last week, during her developmental therapy session, Sophie was leaning back on the couch and took two steps toward her therapist. Then later that day, she took a couple of steps towards Grandma Debbie. Now, she can take up to three or four steps before falling forward. Yesterday at Aunt Erin's house, Sophie spent at least a half hour repeatedly trying to walk. Aunt Erin's house has a drop down living room which is carpeted. It is perfect because Sophie will sit on the ledge and then stand up and take a couple of steps. Then she will crawl back, climb up the step, turn her body around, sit down, stand up, and take a couple of steps. It was so fun watching her do this over and over again.

Sophie is also able to climb steps!!! On Easter Sunday, Brandon sat Sophie down by the front door and she climbed over to the steps and started crawling up them. It was so amazing to watch her take the initiative to do something on her own.

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Great Aunt Barb said...

She looks so grown up and proud of herself standing there in front of the sopha!! I had heard she was getting to be quite accomplished with step climbing. Sounds like it won't be long before she's giving you a real run for your money!!

Give her a hug from all of us in KC. Hope to catch up with all of you this summer.