Friday, April 06, 2007


Sophie loves to play with her toes and to chew on her sock while she is wearing them.
Sophie sucking her everloving thumb.

Sophie's favorite standing position.
Sophie is always going for the couches so she can lean back on them.
If you are holding her hands and she is a couple of feet away from the couch,
she will walk backwards until her butt hits that couch. It is so adorable.

Sophie standing all by herself.
She will push away from the couch for a couple of seconds
and stand before falling back into the couch.

Sophie having a drop seizure.
I can't believe I caught it on camera. They happen so fast.
You can see her knees buckling and her body just drops.
There is so much force behind the seizure because her body just collapses.**

This is the reason she hits her head so hard.
A not so happy Sophie.
Her stitches look like a big scab because of the Dermabond they put on top of it.

** Not all of her seizures are this bad. Some are subtle head drops. Sometimes she is able to catch herself before she hits the ground.

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