Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elsa and Charlie...

Charlie is 5 weeks old. Already!!! Life has been crazy. Time has been flying by...though it doesn't feel like it around 6pm when Sophie and Elsa are having meltdowns.

Today, Charlie had his 1 month checkup with the pediatrician. He now weighs 10 pounds 14 ounces and is 22 1/2 inches long (both 75% on the charts). He is hitting all the milestones. While he is on his belly, he can turn his head from side to side and he can even lift it up for a few seconds. He is making great eye contact and likes to smile. Today, he even cooed for me. Melted my heart. He is also grasping for toys that hang over his head.

Elsa had her 18 month checkup. She now weighs 21 pounds 4 oz and is 31 inches long (my peanut). She not only hit all the 18 month milestones but also a lot of the 2 year milestones. She says over 100 words. She is putting 2 words together. She can count to 10. She runs...REALLY escape from Sophie. She is my mischievous little girl. She has eyes that are so expressive that she can get away with about anything. She pushes the limit. She imitates EVERYTHING Sophie does...especially right after I tell Sophie to stop doing what she is doing at the moment. She loves shoes. She will go into the closet and dig through a pile of shoes to find the exact pair that she wants to wear. She is almost potty-trained. She tries to do everything on her own and will have a complete meltdown if you even attempt to help her. She is mommy's little helper. If she sees a dirty diaper laying around (with 3 kids in diapers there is bound to be a dirty diaper laying around somewhere), she will pick it up and throw it away in the trashcan. When I am unloading the dishwasher, she stands on her stepstool to reach everything off the top rack so she can hand it to me. Speaking of stepstools, she carries one around to give her the boost she needs to climb up on about anything. She can do puzzles and shapesorters. She can twist the cap off of ANYTHING. She knows what belongs to everyone...points to an object and says "DaDa's" or "Sophie's". She LOVES Sophie and is very concerned about her. She forgives Sophie very easily when Sophie hits or bites her. If Sophie goes to time-out, Elsa gets a sad look on her face and will keep repeating "Soph, Soph, Soph" until I get her out. She has a huge heart, a contagious laugh and she absolutely cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a house full of energy. Charlie's losing that "baby" look. Starting to look like his own little man. Can't wait to meet him in person.


baby trevor's mommy said...

What a happy post! LOVE it!

Elsa & Bristel sound like they'd be great friends! Shoes...Miss. Independants...cheeky! hahaha! SO cute!

And my word...that pic of Els with Charlie...

took my breath SO sweet!



Adesta said...

Wow, I thought you were posting about my middle daughter Haylee for a minute there!!! Elsa is exactly like my Haylee! That's so wild! Sounds as though Elsa and Haylee would get into all kinds of trouble together!! Haylee will plead her older sister's case when she gets into's hilarious.

Can't believe how big Charlie is!! My Kym, 4 months, is in 6-9 month clothes already...she's my porker. And, Charlie, is absolutely gorgeous!!!

MJStump said...

My goodness, Charlie does look so big already..not the little newborn just goes by too fast! He sounds like he is doing great and amazing you every day. Good job Charlie :)

Elsa sounds like she is keeping you on your toes, and just flying through all the milestones too...way to go Elsa! She's just trying to keep up with her big sis. Sounds like Sophie and Elsa are so close and are quite the duo :) It's cute to see their little personalities shining through.

Sounds like you guys are doing great and just going non-stop. Glad to hear you guys are doing so well :)

Holli said...

So nice to learn a little more about Elsa and her personality...not to mention the fastly budding one of Charlie too!

Sounds like you've got a great little helper in your house! :-)

And the photos are precious. It's amazing how quickly babies transform over such a short period of time. He's just so handsome...and Elsa a little doll!

blogzilly said...

Elsa does all that at 18 months? Holy wow. That's amazing.

Liz said...

Ditto what Ken a parent of just one child, I have never known normal (or above normal) development. Elsa sounds so fabulous, it gives me hope for a more typical second child. My Maddie is amazing, but I really need a little helper next......And Charlie is just adorable.

Thanks for inspiring again.

cls6179 said...

Charlie looks like Brandon. That's good, since the girls look like you. I only have one kid that looks like me. :(