Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy Birthday NaNaw...

Sophie decided to give NaNaw (Grandma Debbie) the best birthday present ever. If you know NaNaw, you would know how much she loves and cares about Sophie. They have a special bond.

While NaNaw was playing with Sophie in her toy closet, Sophie pointed to the top shelf and said animal. She was pointing to her toy farmhouse with the animals inside. I was in the other room and heard it clear as day. Sophie just said her first 3 syllable word!!! She barely even says a 2 syllable word. Plus, she has never even attempted to say animal before and she used the word appropriately.

When Brandon got home from work, we were telling him the story and she repeated it again for him...several times. I honestly don't know if I would have believed it if I didn't hear it myself. It wasn't the clearest sound pronunciation but it was close.

Sophie was in a goofy mood tonight. I love it when she is like that. Full of laughter and giggles. She has become quite the mischievous one. Brandon showed her how to get water out of the water dispenser on the refrigerator door. She has seen us do this a million times but has never attempted to do it herself. As soon as I saw it, I thought BIG MISTAKE. So a few seconds later, she takes her cup over, fills it up with water (let me remind you that she is in a VERY GOOFY mood) and executes it perfectly. But as she is walking away, giggling her little butt off and holding the cup up in the air with only one hand, she is spilling it everywhere. And all we can do is laugh. She gets it. She is learning. She is happy.

And this is only one of many stories tonight. She was up to many crazy antics...giggling and laughing the entire time.

By the way, pre-surgery she would have EXTREME meltdowns if she spilt just a drop of water on her when she was drinking out of a cup or if she dropped a piece of food on the ground. And I seriously have no idea why she was like that. I tried my hardest to make it seem like it was no big deal. To the point where I would drop things and laugh just to show her it was okay. Nothing worked. She could not stand the idea of anything spilling.

So, now she is the complete opposite. I will take giggles over meltdowns any day.

Happy Birthday NaNaw!!! Thanks for spending the day with us.


Anonymous said...

I love this update!!! When friends ask how "my niece" is doing since surgery I tell them it is unbelievable!! I tell them a few of her amazing accomplishments but then tell them "It's all about her giggle."

Not that Sophie didn't laugh before; not that there weren't things she enjoyed. Now it's the look in her eyes, the ear to ear grin and,oh my goodness, that EAR TO EAR SMILE..... AND THAT GIGGLE!!! She's full of joy! We're all so happy for her.


blogzilly said...

The most awesomest line of the post...

She gets it. She is learning. She is happy.

Can't ask for much more for that.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Super cute story, Elaine! I am so so so so so so happy every time your share the new things Sophie is learning & doing!

And not to change the Any movement?


Keri said...

blogzilly said...
The most awesomest line of the post...
She gets it. She is learning. She is happy.
Can't ask for much more for that.

As a parent whose child will soon have intercranial monitoring and then possibly surgery for epilepsy I could not agree more with blogzilly.

I am so thrilled for Sophie.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Barb...It is that giggle that makes all the difference. I will definitely try to post a video soon so everyone else can hear it to. So very precious.

Ken...You are right. It is beyond words to see her be this whole new person.

Danielle...I will be induced on Tuesday. I have no hopes of going any earlier. But I am okay with that. I just finished up the last few things I REALLY (there is still a long list of OTHER things) need to get done.

Keri...I am here for you. If you have ANY questions at all or would like to talk, just e-mail me. I tried clicking on your profile but it was private. Do you have a blog?

Holli said...

I just had a mental picture of the water incident...wish I could have seen it!

This is all so very exciting! And 3 syllable words?!! So cool!

Can't wait to hear about more!!

Adesta said...

Wonderful news!!! I'm so happy that Sophie is no longer having the meltdowns! Can't wait to see the video once you get the time to post one.

And hey, inducement isn't so bad. My last two were induced. The first time, my daughter was born about 4 hours after the cervidil (the first medication)...the second time my daughter was born about 8 hours after...

JSmith5780 said...

Hi 5's for Sophie! Awesome job!

Colby said...

Way to go, Sophie! I can just imagine her prissing around and showing off all of her new skills! No more fog! No more cobwebs!!! Hooray!!!

Now that you have received THAT miracle, we will wait for Tuesday's miracle!!! Take GOOD care!!!!



MJStump said...

It is so wonderful to hear all of the new things Sophie is doing and discovering! Your excitement is simply glowing through all of your posts!

I love how all of her new beginnings are bringing such a great amount of joy to you guys! You all so deserve this and much more :) Many more celebrations to come for sure!

Blesssings to you guys and to the little guy that will soon be here!

Anonymous said...

love this post! it was so good to see you all!! You know, i really need to plan a weekend when we come & just visit with you all :) us & all our kids ;) i heard elsa is doing great in her big girl bed! good girl!! you looked so awesome elaine!! enjoy these last couple days with those little girls - one on each hip (I saw you do it!) that little guy is sure to win all of his sisters over...but i'm sure mommy the most! my kids just love your kids and I look forward to hanging out with you again (next time beer optional but probable, hee hee). tell Brandon hi & we are excited for him, too! Little boys are awesome!! love ya, kansas cousins :):):):)