Thursday, October 16, 2008

AMT PET scan results...

I e-mailed Dr. Chugani with the following:

...I was wondering if you had a chance to review the AMT PET results.

He responded with the following:

...Yes, the scan did not show any areas of increased uptake, and was therefore not helpful. It happens, HC

Don't ask me what this means. I'm confused. Does this mean it was completely normal or just no abnormalities in any new areas??? I e-mailed him back so we will see. Nonetheless, my heart is still pounding. When I saw his e-mail pop up, I was almost too scared to open it. Either way, I think this is good news. Actually, I know it is good news. But I still would like to know what it means.


Jackson's Blog said...

I hope he emailed you back! Sometimes his emails are short in response. I had to email him back several times for verification. Have you done Sophie's video yet? ;-) Have a good weekend!

baby trevor's mommy said...

He does have a way with being cryptic! When I emailed him a vid of Trev's right head bobs...he emailed back "it's residule IS". Just like that! lol But he is available...which totally makes up for the cryptic. I hope he was able to answer your Qs in a way that leaves you feeling peace.


Reagan Leigh said...

Sophie is definitely in my prayers! It's time that she had some seizure free days!! Hang in there, I know this is a stressful process, but it will all work out as it should. I just hope it doesn't drag on for your sake!! Thinking and praying for you!

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