Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've won...

I have won the Crazy Mom of the Year award. Anyone who has a child with issues knows exactly what I'm talking about. You want to be that crazy mom. You want the things you notice about your child to be absolutely nothing. You want the doctors to think you are crazy for bringing in your child.

I want to start off by saying Elsa is absolutely fine.

It all started a few weeks ago. Elsa doing some suspicious things. Like when she would reach out her left arm and she would press the side of her head against her shoulder. She didn't always do this when she reached out but sometimes. Or when she was playing with a toy and she would drop her chin down to her chest in a suspicious kind of way. It just kept building.

Then something happened Tuesday night that broke my heart. My mother-in-law was over because Brandon was out of town. We were all sitting on the bed...Sophie, Elsa, Debbie and I. The girls just got out of the bath and were playing around. Then Elsa's head dropped suspiciously. I asked Debbie "did you see that?". All the while expecting her to answer "see what?". To not understand what I was talking about or referring to. But she answered "yes". We both knew. We did not have to say what "that" was. So my heart started pounding a little harder. The tightness in my chest got a little tighter. But I tried to keep my emotions in check. So we got the girls dressed and went to play in their playroom. No sooner than the words "I'm starting to freak out" came out of my mouth, Elsa's head dropped in the middle of her sitting on the floor doing absolutely nothing. Not reaching for any toys. Not playing with any toys. She was just sitting there. My heart sank. I dropped to the ground and started sobbing. I got myself together and called Sophie's neurologist. He said that if I took her to the ER that they would not be able to do an EEG until the morning. So I had to wait. I had to compose myself.

I called his office in the morning and had an EEG scheduled for 2:45pm that day. I held her in my arms, fighting back the tears, as Georgia (I'm on first name basis with the EEG technician) put the leads on Elsa's head. I held her in my arms as she innocently slept while her brain wave activity was being recorded on a monitor a few feet away. The minutes ticked by as I held her wondering what those lines were doing on the monitor. The monitor wasn't facing us so I couldn't actually see what was going on. Not that I would have wanted to anyway. Then it was over. She cleaned Elsa's head off and then stuck her head out that door and waved Dr. Callahan in. He walked over to the monitor and started reviewing the EEG. My heart pounded and my mind raced. I didn't think he was going to immediately come in and review the EEG. I thought I was going to have to wait in the waiting room where I was going to call Brandon to come over from work (he is only 15 minutes away). Then he popped his head around and before the words "wait until I call my husband" could come out of my mouth, he said everything looked great. The background rhythm was normal and no epileptic activity was noted. I should have known. Georgia has been doing this for at least 25 years. She knew. I could breathe again. Elsa was going to be okay.

I know this doesn't mean we are completely out of the woods. Elsa could be having benign myoclonic seizures. But I can deal with that. Just not infantile spasms. It is crazy to think that. So I will keep a close eye on her and note any additional odd movements. If I see any then we will schedule her for a longer video EEG to be able to catch these movements and analyze them. But I haven't seen any today. She is not even doing that weird head to the shoulder thing anymore.

So that is why I so proudly won the Crazy Mom of the Year award.

Elsa has had 2 EEGs in the first 8 months of her life for absolutely no reason except to put my mind at ease. Sigh.

Crazy EEG hair...


Jennifer Mezines said...

I think you are entitled to a little of the "mommy crazies"! I have made many trips to the doctor's office for peace of mind.......nothing wrong with putting your mind at ease. In fact, I have one next week for Kellen!

Elsa is a beauty!

Heather said...

How very frightened you must have been.Totally,totally understandable.No explanations needed,most moms "get it".As for the crazy EEG hair ..she still looks darling but tell her no more EEG's, to knock it off and to not scare her momma anymore!

Anonymous said...

What a relief you must have felt!! And from the looks of Elsa she's none the worse for the wear. That little spikey hairdo adds to her personality! I think anyone in your in your circumstances would be applying a critical eye to any and all of her actions.

I'm sure she is absolutely fine. Hope we get to see all of you when we're in the first weekend in Oct.


JSmith5780 said...

I am SO sorry you even had to stress like this. I commend Sophie's neuro for being so awesome though and immediately getting the EEG and putting your mind at ease.


baby trevor's mommy said...

Having just lived that same eyes are too blurry to leave a proper comment. Honestly...I wish I could just come and hug the snot out of you!

And's totally okay to be the Crazy Mom! Of course...I have to keep pep talking that to myself...but I give you complete permission!


labonte4 said...

On this same topic. My sister who's baby is 6m old now began having "questionable movements" at about 2m. old.

My sister, who lived with us during Ava's IS and thru the worst seizure times ever, totally freaked out. She cried for days just at the possibility! got EEG (we have the same pedi, so he was very understanding) and was completely FINE. Just some weird benign myoclonic activity, that is GONE. :don't we all wish that was our story: *LOL*

You have EVERY right to the crazies. What a great nero to be so attentive.

We, too, are on a first name basis w/ the EEG techs. I even comforted one thru her daughters "nose ring" phase (sorry d) *LOL*

Chris and Julie said...

Yikes, how scary that must have been... I am glad to hear that the results were a relief. Elsa is still a cutie-crazy hair or not!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Thank you all for your support. I haven't seen any more odd movements in the last 2 days. Elsa probably figured that she better put a stop to this if she didn't want to go in for a longer VEEG ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, let me start by saying how adorable she is!!! I can't believe she is growing so fast and I am missing all of this. I am glad she is OKAY! and I'm so sorry you had to go through this.

Anonymous said...

by the way... anonymous from the last comment was from Erin.