Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hooked up...

We made it. We arrived late yesterday afternoon. After first driving to the wrong hospital and through not so good areas of Detroit, we finally arrived at our...housing. It is an old nursing student dormitory that is right next to the hospital. It took us a good 5 minutes to figure out how to unlock the door. No hot water...or so we thought...we later found out you have to let it run for at least 5 minutes before it warms up. But it is convenient to be able to walk back and forth from the hospital.

After we settled into our room, we took Sophie outside to play. There was a daycare center next door in which we could play on all their outdoor equipment. Then we walked over to dinner at the hospital cafeteria. We really didn't feel like getting back in the car and it was a gorgeous day outside.

This morning, we had breakfast at the hospital cafeteria and arrived at registration at 9:30am. We then headed up to the EEG department to get all set up and had to wait for almost an hour since there was some kind of emergency. Finally, by 12:30pm, Sophie was all hooked up and we were settled into her room. Then we tried to order her some lunch but couldn't because she was put into the system to only have an infant diet. Once we got all that cleared up, she finally ate lunch at around 1:45pm. Which isn't all that bad with the time change (we are one hour ahead of our normal time zone). Then Sophie proceeded to pull her mummy head wrap off twice. After the second time, the nurse told me she did not know if the EEG tech would come back up to fix it. Oh really...should I just disconnect her from the machine now or wait until she pulls all the leads off her head?!?! Some people are just so incredibly...rude (for a lack of better words). Anyway, the EEG tech came back and rewrapped her head. This time he did an incredible job and he didn't seem to mind coming back up at all. His wife is due with their first daughter in a month and he is even thinking about naming her Sophie. Sophie has that effect on people ;)

So tomorrow morning she is scheduled for her PETscan.

Sophie is doing absolutely incredible. She is in a great mood. A little restless but happy. She hasn't cried much. Actually, this is the least amount she has cried while getting EEG leads put on in a long time. She even blew kisses to the EEG tech when I told her to say "bye".

Oh, I forgot to post this the other day...Sophie said "baby" and "bee" during ABA therapy on Thursday. Her therapist asked me if she has ever said it before and I said no. We were working on those words the day before but she refused to say them. Before, she would always say "baba" for baby. I think this is the first 2 syllable word in which she says both syllables correctly....way to go Sophie!!! I love you baby girl!!!


Karen said...

Hooray for Sophie! She is really coming along with those words. Cami is slowly getting there but just isnt consistent enough, but no matter I just love to hear my girl babble.
I hope all the testing goes well. I've hear that Dr. C is the one to see for IS. So I pray that its all an easy run. Take Care!

Karen(Camerans mom)

Heather said...

Sounds like things are going great.If you can call being there great but I hope you know what I mean.Things can easily go the other way and I am so pleased that Sophie is doing well.Take care and we will look for updates later.

Ed said...

I'm glad to here thing are going well! Good job Sophie in saying baby! I'll continue to pray that the testing goes well.