Sunday, July 20, 2008

She's back...

Our sweet Sophie is back. She is back to her old self. Well almost. She is still eating a lot and she is still fairly chubby but she has actually lost 2 pounds and her face is not as round. But she is happy!!! She is playing independently, smiling, laughing, just enjoying herself.

She is talking up a storm. She is constantly making some kind of sound or another. Sometimes words...sometimes grunts. She is so big now that she grunts when she is trying to climb up on something. Her new words...

Door (she said door when I asked her to walk the nurse to the door)

Pop (Grandma Debbie taught her pop while she was snacking on popcorn)

Night-night (she is signing night-night a lot so whenever I see her sign night-night, I say night-night and she just said it one night...out of the blue just so clearly that I had to think for a minute to remember if she had ever said it before)

Pe-Bah (short for peanut butter...she said it while standing in front of the pantry but I haven't heard her say it again)

Ever since we started weaning ACTH (we are at .5ml once a day), her development started taking off again. It is so wonderful to see her so happy and joyful.


Anonymous said...

How good it is to hear Sophie is taking off in her speech and development again!! Can't wait to see you all again.

Aunt Barb

baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh Elaine...I know this has been such an emotional time for your family! I'm SO happy to read today's post...I'm literally smiling! Ear to ear!

And knowing how far Sophie has come...and the ground she's conintuing to gives me such hope for Trevor! Every time I start freaking out that he's not responding to words...I remember that you said Sophie's receptive speech was significantly delayed...and it gives me hope!


Keep chattin' up your mommy, Sophie!


JSmith5780 said...

So glad to hear that Sophie is getting back to herself!