Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good day...

Sophie had a good far as seizures go. Hip Hip Hooray!!! We are praying that this is it. That today was the turning point. That it just wasn't a fluke.

Sophie weighed in at 36 pounds tonight. Just two weeks ago she was 31.5 pounds. You can see her face and in her belly. She is round. She REALLY doesn't look like my baby girl anymore. After Elsa was born, Sophie looked completely different to me. Laying next to Elsa, I could no longer look at her as my baby girl but my toddler girl. Her legs looked longer, her feet looked bigger. Now she has lost all the babiness she had left. She is just so big. So heavy. So incredibly heavy. And tired. It is so hard to keep her entertained during the day. It is just so hot outside. And if we are inside...she just wants to cuddle up next to me and suck her thumb and hold my hair. So we try to keep her busy. Keep her motivated to do something. We went swimming twice this past weekend. And Uncle Jason took her swimming yesterday. She LOVES swimming. She loves the water. She loves her bath.

Just when we were ready to give up on this drug. Ready to start weaning early. Things changed. It will be easier emotionally to give her the injections if we keep seeing such a positive change in her seizures. I have to believe this. I have to stay positive. Please keep praying for her.

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