Monday, February 04, 2008

Why I haven't posted...

I have not posted in the last month because on January 7, 2008, Sophie started having seizures again. She has been having seizures every day since then. We have tried increasing her Depakote with no success. I am sorry to all of those who I have not been honest with in the last month. I did not want to admit to myself or to anyone else that her seizures returned. By saying it out loud it made it more real. I was in denial. I thought with an increase in medication that they would go away again and I could forget that they ever returned. Unfortunately, they have not gone away and I can no longer pretend that they did not come back.

Things have been crazy this last month between Sophie's seizures and getting ready for the new baby. Elsa Kate was born on January 22nd and is a healthy baby girl...weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and is 21 inches long.

We are currently researching IVIG treatment for Sophie's next treatment option. If anyone has any experience with IVIG, please let me know.


Great Aunt Barb said...

I know we can't imagine your disappointment in the return of seizure activity. I hope she finds something to put her in remission again soon. We have been celebrating the fact that Sophie has come so far in her understanding of so many words!! Grandma Deb keeps us posted on how well she's doing in school. Sounds like she's becoming more adventurous and independent every day.

I'm sure she's a big help when it comes to her little sister too. See you all soon.


Cathy said...

Hi Elaine - I linked to your blog from another blog today. My son Noah has a genetic mutation causing seizures. I know your sadness and denial. We've been there too. We're praying for you and your Sophie. You must be exhausted. Reading your blog shows the amazing amount of love and care you provide for Sophie. Hang in! Keep fighting.