Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 - what a year...

To sum up 2007 -
  • 5 ER visits
    • April 2nd - hit her head on the tv stand and cut her face above her left eye resulting in 5 stitches
    • October 20th - fell out of bed and cut her face above her right eye resulting in dermabond
    • October 24th - started wheezing in the middle of the night and was diagnosed with a severe case of croup
    • November 19th - fell down the basement steps resulting in a big knot on her forehead but luckily nothing else
    • November 30th - sick and acting very strangely and showing symptoms of possible adverse drug reaction but turned out to be some kind of virus
  • 1 minor surgery
    • March 8th - ear tubes (yeah - no ear infections ever since and this is after being on 6 rounds of antibiotics in 3 months)
  • Numerous trips to Chicago for her cranial molding helmet
    • Between January through June - about 13 trips to Chicago (though we did enjoy getting to spend more time with Aunt Erica, Uncle Ricky and their cat Sylvester)
  • Numerous EEGs (I have lost count but each one continues to look better than the last)
  • 2 trips to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore
    • April 15th - admitted for a week to start the ketogenic diet
    • July 17th - follow up visit
  • Several medication changes
    • January 18th - started clonazepam
    • February 2nd - started clobazam
    • February 2nd - stopped clonzaepam
    • February 14th - stopped depakote
    • April 15th - started ketogenic diet
    • May 14th - stopped zonegran
    • September 7th - started keppra
    • September 22nd - stopped keppra
    • September 27th - started weaning diet
    • November 10th -started 2nd round of depakote
  • Developmental progress
    • January - pulled herself to a standing position
    • January - started using pointer finger to push buttons
    • February - started crawling from one room to another
    • February - started walking with push toy
    • February - started cruising around furniture
    • April - took first steps without assistance
    • April - started climbing steps
    • May - took about 10 steps without falling
    • August - started using pointer finger to communicate what she wants
    • August - started babbling more
    • October - started putting objects in a container
    • November and December - so many it is hard to list everything...her development is at an all time high (I will post again soon with all the new things she is currently doing)
  • Last but not least...
What a wonderful way to end 2007!!! Though, we almost ended up in the ER on New Year's Eve when Sophie tried to eat a glass ball ornament. Luckily, we caught her trying to do this before she had a chance to swallow anything. She had 2 pieces in her mouth which matched up perfectly to what was missing on the ornament. Sophie sure loves keeping up the drama. Happy New Year!!!


Great Aunt Barb said...

Sounds like the year is off to a great start. Hope the bumps are few and the mountains our Sophie climbs are many this year!!

Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

Praying Sophie continues to remain seizure-free!

Kelly O'melia
North Carolina