Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Little Daredevil...

Sophie is on the move. When she is motivated to do something, she will do it. As always, Sophie only does things on her terms. Her therapists have also come to realize this. There are many things that we realize that Sophie can do but she refuses to do them. When the moment is right, she will do it. Earlier today, Sophie and I were hanging out on the first floor when I walked into another room to grab something. When I was walking back through the kitchen, I heard the sound of the upstairs gate opening. My heart skipped a beat but I told myself to remain calm. Sophie refuses to climb the stairs. She will climb up four or five steps but refuses to climb any further. So as I turned the corner, there she was on the top step pushing the gate open. Luckily, the gate was not locked and she did not try to pull herself to a stand. I quietly went up the stairs as I did not want to startle her. I held the gate open as she crawled through the rest of the way as if she has done this a million times.

Sophie loves bath time. When she sees that water running in the bath, she knows exactly what is going to happen. A couple nights ago, as Brandon was filling up the tub, Sophie tried to climb in by herself. We were standing right next to her, but we let her keep trying to see how far she could get. She propped her left leg on the ledge and then pulled with all her might to get the rest of her body over. Well, I guess she was very motivated because she would have tumbled head first into the bathtub if Brandon did not catch her.

It is so great to see her motivated and able to figure things out on her own. I would love to see what her EEG would look like now.


Great Aunt Barb said...

Sounds like your "Little Magellan" has discovered that there is a great big world out there for her to explore. Well this stage should keep mom and dad on their toes. Sounds like you're all in for some new adventures!!


Anonymous said...

Sophie is growing up sooo fast!!..I can remember when she was just a little baby.

I'm still thinking of names for the new baby about Emma, Ella, Melissa, Sierra, Hannah, Katie, or Jamie????????????

-Miranda and Patsy