Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, we did it. We went down to 2:1 ratio on the diet (from 3:1) today. She has done well so far. Actually, she has been in a great mood today. She went down the stairs all by herself. Usually, she will slide down a couple of steps on her butt and then stand up and lean forward so that I will grab her. But she just kept sliding down on her butt. Actually, she did it twice today. Tonight, after dinner, she played so well. She was just so happy and walking around all over the place. Brandon is giving her a bath right now. She loves bath time. We asked her if she was ready for her bath and we kept saying "let's take a bath" and she walked all the way into the bathroom by herself with Brandon and I following behind her. She definitely knows what "bath" means. She is just doing so well developmentally. She had a great day at preschool yesterday. Her therapist said she was in a great mood and that she was being vocal. It is just so wonderful to see her doing so well especially with the way she was acting on Keppra. I am so glad we came off Keppra as quickly as we did. So within the next 2 or 3 weeks, Sophie will be off the diet. Her only medication will be 5mg of Clobazam (2.5mg in AM and 2.5mg in PM). I wish we would have been able to completely wean Clobazam and have her medication free for awhile. Being on such a low dose of medication has done wonders for her development. I cannot say this enough...I am so proud of my little girl. She is what keeps me going in this fight. Whenever I start feeling down, I look at her and see how strong she is fighting. It makes me realize that I am just helping her get through this but that this is actually happening to her. If she can stay strong and happy, then why wouldn't I. I have learned and I am still learning so much from her. I just love her so much.

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Great Aunt Barb said...

Sounds like Sophie might be off her diet by her birthday or soon thereafter!! That should be a great present for all of you!!! Glad to hear that things are seeming to be a little brighter for her.