Thursday, August 23, 2007

Way to go, Sophie...

Sophie's development is at an all time high. Most likely due to only being on 2.5mg of Clobazam. This is the least amount of antiepileptic drugs she has been on since this all started. Everyday she seems to amaze me. She does things that may seems so minor to most 22 month olds but for Sophie they are huge progress. We are all so proud of her.

When she sees something that she wants, she will walk across the room, stare at it, then scream. Not a bad scream, more like "ahhh" really loud.

She will also point at things that she wants. Occasionally, when I line up her food for a meal, she will point at what she wants to eat first. For lunch, she will always point to her chicken salad first.

She uses her pointer finger to manipulate push buttons, flip switches, etc. She knows what buttons to push on her toys to turn them on.

She is starting to gently put her sippy cup down instead of throwing it down like it's on fire. Hopefully, this is the start to the end of her compulsive throwing.

She is getting much stronger at walking. Also, she is getting much stronger on the ability to stand up without assistance. We all know that she is able to stand up on her own but she refuses to do it. She will use something as low to the ground as her boppy pillow to stand up.

She says no and knows what no means. It is not like I tell her no very often but she learned that word quick. She cries when I tell her no. And if I try to make her do something that she doesn't want to do, then she will say "na na na na na". And if she is really mad, then she will say "NO".

She is a climber. She tries to climb on anything. She tries to stand on my legs when I am sitting down. She tries to stand on any toy on the ground. She climbs up on the chair and then to the couch. She climbs up on the ottoman. She can almost climb up on the couch. Anything that she can get a step up on, she wants to step on it.

She is more vocal. She is making more sounds. Sometimes I think she knows what mama, dada and sissy means. Though she will not use mama and dada consistently.

She uses both hands to pull things apart. She loves to pull tissues out of the box and rip them up into little itty bitty pieces.

All in all, she is more explorative, more aware, and more demanding. Sometimes it is exhausting but I love it. It is so hard not to spoil her. She is just too darn cute. I know, I know, she is my daughter. But really, she is just too darn cute. The way she will walk up to a complete stranger and smile at them. That precious, heart warming, smile. How can that not brighten up anybody's day. How can I not spoil her with that smile. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

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Great Aunt Barb said...

It's so exciting to hear about Sophie's burst of inquisitiveness and physical progress!! When we were in Florida you could see things coming together for her. I'm anticipating how much fun she will have in preschool. Another whole new world will be opening up for her there. Keep it up Sophie!! We love you.

Aunt Barbie