Friday, August 24, 2007

Sophie is a big sister...

Yes, I am pregnant. We found out today that it is a girl!!! So far, the pregnancy is going well and all the test have come back normal. We are working hard to get Sophie to walk more. Brandon was actually just outside with Sophie and she was walking by herself. Usually, the second she walks outside, she wants to be held. I guess she is becoming more confident with her walking. When we are inside the house, she will walk towards me if I am doing something in another room. But if we are in the same room together and I start walking towards another room, she gets very upset and wants to be picked up. Well, I figured out yesterday that if you hold her hand she will walk with you. I guess she just thought she was going to get left behind. So that is her new thing - handheld walking. Anything beats carrying her. She is getting so big. Not to mention, I am starting to get big. So now it's time to think about names for our new baby girl...any suggestions???

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Great Aunt Barb said...

So, another girl!! Brad is going to be in the middle of an estrogen fog!! Congrats!
Glad Sophie is getting a little more independent. Now you just have to wean her from hand walking to finger walking to waving "come this way"