Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Test Results...

Sophie's neuro called tonight with the results of the blood test. Everything looked fine. Her Depakote level is 99. He said that when it gets over 100 is when you start seeing some bad side effects. He also said that most kids can tolerate up to 120. Her platelet count was 312,000 (the normal range is between 140,000 - 350,000).

Now here is where I am lost... Of course I think of these things late at night and not when I am on the phone talking with the neuro. Is it good that Sophie's Depakote level is so high with being on a not so high of a dose? Does this mean that since her levels are so high and she is not seizure-free that she will not become seizure-free on Depakote?

We also discussed genetic testing. She will be having another test called microarray analysis done once I have cleared it with our insurance. I was naive in the beginning and believed that whatever test our doctor (who is in-network) ordered would be covered under insurance. When Sophie was tested for ARX gene mutation, the test was performed in a lab that was not covered under our insurance and we were billed around $950 (this amount has been reduced to around $650 and we are still debating it). Our appointment with the pediatric neurologist that specializes in genetics is not until June 2007 (he only sees patients twice a month). In the end, I really do not think it will matter because I believe that whatever caused Sophie's brain abnormalities is very rare and will not be discovered anytime soon.

Oh, and we are also increasing her Depakote to 625mg a day (250mg in the morning and 325mg in the evening).

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