Friday, October 06, 2006

I can't wait to find out the results of the PET scan. I hate wondering... wondering if the doctor has even read the results, wondering if the doctor has read the results and already knows that something is wrong, wondering if the doctor has read the results and already knows that nothing is wrong. Then, I am sitting here watching the EEG monitor wondering what all those lines mean. Oh, how I would love to know what all those lines mean. It is killing me not knowing. Why are there so many spikes? Why does it look so chaotic? Shouldn't the wave pattern be more steady during sleep cycles? I HATE WONDERING!!!

Well, they swaddled and taped her down again to attach the electrodes to her. This time we made sure to leave her thumb out, so she didn't cry as much as yesterday. But they had to use this special glue and air gun to attach the electrodes this time since it is a much longer EEG. She hated the air gun and cried when it came on - it was loud and I am sure it felt weird on her head.

So, here I am sitting in the dark in the middle of the night, just wondering what we will find out later today.


Great Aunt Barb said...

Oh, Elaine, I'm glad the sun is almost up now. When Sophie wakes up and puts that glowing smile on it will for sure drag you back from the crazy places that your mind can go to in the quiet night especially in the hospital....listening to unfamiliar noises and watching those glowing lines jump up and down on that screen. I just know they shouldn't be flat!!

Hope the morning flies so you can meet and get your consult with the Dr. This is all another step forward...I'm just sorry this road has been so long.

When Sophie greets you with that million dollar smile this morning from underneath her cap of wires give her some extra hugs and kisses from all of us!!

I know you and Brad are exhausted. Hope all the thoughts and prayers that are with you help get you through the day and back on that plane tonight... And give you the strength to entertain Sophie for another flight of just sitting on laps!! Most of all I pray there is a concrete answer for our Sophie!

Sophie, I'm sending you a special prayer for getting all of that glue out of your hair!! Hope mom brought some mighty fine shampoo.

Love you all,

Grandma said...

I know why they put the glue on her head, it is for the practice you will need later for removing chewing gum from her hair and if you are Jake, from her eyebrows. Hang in there my sweet boy and girls. I love you!

Love, ME

Anonymous said...

Elaine, Brandon and Sophie,
We've been thinking of you guys a lot recently, i know we aren't nearby but if there is anything at all we can do for you guys just ask, we'll continue to keep you in our thoughts
All the very best
Steve L (cousin Kims husband)