Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pictures, as promised...

Sophie's first airplane trip. She sat in the seat like the big girl that she is. least long enough to take the pictures. After that, she was a squirmer.

At Children's Hospital of Michigan, they like to wrap the baby and tape her down in order to attach all the electrodes to her head for the EEG. In the five previous EEGs that she has had, I was always able to just hold her during this process. The only way they would let me take her right thumb out of the wrap was to promise that I would hold her arm and not let her grab the electrodes.

After being stuck with a needle four times and taped down, Sophie was so exhausted that she slept through the PET scan and did not need to be sedated. So, in the end, it all worked out for the best. She was happy, playful and HUNGRY (as we could not feed her after 4am that morning as she was supposed to be sedated) when she woke up from the PET scan instead of being drowsy.

And when she woke up from the PET scan... In the first picture, you can see the bandages from all the places she was stuck with a needle. In the other picture, Sophie is playing with the teddy bear that was sent by Grandma Debbie (oh so soft).

Back at the hospital for her 20hour video-monitored EEG. This time they had to use glue and an air gun to apply the electrodes. She was not happy about that loud air gun. Then, they wrapped her head and taped it down. She loved her hospital crib. She had so much fun pulling herself up on the bars and just cruising around her whole crib. It was exhausting just watching her. She was so off the wall crazy that the nurses were baffled on how they were going to get her vitals. She also loved the hospital food - she ate so well.


Great Aunt Barb said...

Sophie, I love your pictures!! They sure give all your fans an idea of what you went through this week. You are such a brave girl.

I especially liked the picture with your hair all frazzled and spikey!! Here's a secret for you...I've seen your Grandma Debbie's hair just like that! Once we were running some errands and Grandma's hair was standing straight up on her head! We went to a couple of places before she looked in her rearview mirror and scared herself. Aunt Barbie laughed and Uncle Denney said he thought she new she looked like that and didn't want to say anything that might hurt her feelings!

Keep smiling know those grins of yours are Mommy and Daddy's strength.

See you next weekend.

Lots of love,
Aunt Barb

Aunt Tammy said...

Hi big girl, Just wanted to say you look beautiful even with your crazy hair. I'm sorry the doctors made you so sad, but now they can start making you better. Glad your back home. see you soon my

S trong
O utstanding
P recious
H appy
I ncredible
E xceptional

Love, Aunt Tammy