Sunday, October 22, 2006

Birthday Pictures...

To my precious Sophie... You had a wonderful time at your birthday party. You were amused by Silly Jilly the Clown, though you were not very fond of your birthday balloon hat. You loved all the family and friends that came to celebrate with you (and wow there were a lot of them - you are loved by so many people) and gave everyone big smiles. By the time we brought out your birthday cake, you were a little tired to get too excited about it. But that still did not stop you from devouring it. I think all that sugar gave you a burst of energy because you were back to all smiles trying to open all your birthday presents. After that, you were so exhausted that you fell asleep as soon as Aunt Erin put you in your crib. We are so happy that you enjoyed your 1st birthday party.

(Note: If you click on the pictures, they pop up bigger.)

Thank you all for celebrating this special day with Sophie and making her 1st birthday so memorable.

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Great Aunt Barb said...

The pictures turned out so well. It was a wonderful party. Silly Jilly was such a wonderful entertainer for the kids!!

I especially love the picture of Sophie with that balloon hat! Her expression is priceless....She was probably afraid you had traded in her little pink helmet for this new contraption and was begging..." Please, Mommy, have you no sense of fashion!!"

I hope we have a few more warm days for her to enjoy her swing. I'm sure she loves that.

We certainly enjoyed celebrating her special day with everyone.

Lots of love and kisses to Sophie.

Aunt Barb