Monday, October 25, 2010

Quite the imagination?

I was decompressing somewhere in the house. Brandon was giving all the little kids a bath. Sophie was screaming her head off. Which is very UNusual for her. She loves bath time. She is constantly trying to find a way to take a bath or shower several times a day. But things have been off lately...ever since we started weaning the Dilantin.

I should of helped. But I was too tired. Besides, it was only a few minutes later that Brandon had Sophie out of the bath and wrapped into a towel. It was my turn to take over so he could finish up the other two still in the bath.

So I took her to her most favorite place in the house. My bed. Between the position of the room (in relation to the sun) and having the blinds closed, it is usually fairly dark in the room. It is a place I take her to several times a day when she is in sensory overload.

She immediately calmed down and smiled at me.

So I asked her... Why were you crying?

She replied... I was scared.

Scared of what?

A raccoon!

A raccoon?

Yes! It was at the front door.

It was at the front door?

It smell me.

At first, I thought...what book are they reading at school. Now I am wondering if it was a hallucination seizure. That thought just entered my head as I was typing this post. Maybe because I had just read this article.


blogzilly said...

Oy about platefuls of food for thought, especially about some of the behaviors of repetition that often 'accompany children with Autism'.

Man, the freakin' brain. Maybe we all just need to go back to caveman livin'...

Anonymous said...

Weird!! I think I would still ask what they're reading at school....or if they've seen any nature things on tv lately. Always so many things to consider.


lisa said...

I just hate that you even have to suspect it may be a seizure and not some wonderful, typical development of childhood. What great language she is showing...

another mother said...

Would she have that much recollection of a hallucination seizure? Often times people don't recall anything that happens when they are seizing so it seems that she shouldn't be able to clearly recall why she was scared. Of course I'm no doctor. If you are concerned I would talk to the neuro. On the other hand she may just be using her imagination - my three year old comes up with some very wild (and similar) stories. Hoping everything is okay, and once the weaning is complete she'll be back to her normal self.

happy's mommy said... would certainly raise my seizure mommy dar senses too.

Have you asked Karen about KC's? It might be helpful to compare notes?



JSmith5780 said...

I agree with D, talk to Karen. Hopefully it was just a silly story or dream that got stuck in her head.