Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Day in Pictures...

Happy 5th Birthday and 24 hour video EEG...

Holding her favorite sticker book (thanks Grandma).
If your child loves Sesame Street, I highly recommend this.
She is learning lots from this book.

No...she wasn't this happy.
I asked her to smile and she obliged.
But not one tear was shed.
We were able to easily distract her.
Especially with her birthday present she got moments iPad.

A birthday sign she had made at school.

Her incredible nurse decorated her door with the Happy Birthday letters.

Aunt Diane came by for a visit and gave her some fun books to read.

The hospital (along with a gift bag put together from a local girl scout troop) gave her birthday presents and balloons.

She has never before been interested in birthday presents.
But she ripped right into these!!!

Sophie's nurse and someone from Child Life Services.

Uncle Jason brought Sophie her favorite meal (chicken caesar salad from Panera).

Sophie's beloved Grandma came and stayed the day with her.
There is no one in the world that she loves more.

Singing Happy Birthday to her.
She pretended to blow out candles.
Too cute!!!

She had some fun with the icing on her cookie cake.

Uncle Jake came by for a visit and brought her a fun birthday present.

Daddy and Sophie.


Holli said...

What great photos! And what a change from past EEGs. She's getting to be such a big girl! Can't believe she's five..

Looks like the hospital helped you guys make the best of a less than ideal birthday. :)


Anonymous said...

She is just adorable! And she sure deserved every bit of attention she got...what a trooper:)

Hugs from Hawaii!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like she was having a lot of fun. You guys sure figured out how to make lemonade out of lemons!!

Love ya
Aunt Barbie

blogzilly said...

I'm assuming Uncle Jason is from Daddy's side of the family? :)

Well, if you have to spend your birthday getting an EEG, this is certainly the way to do it. Looks like you guys certainly made the best out of it!

happy's mommy said...

Your pictures ALWAYS make me weepy! You have a way of capturing the emotions...

I'm SO happy the staff made a big deal for her! Very sweet.

Love you...


Anonymous said...

wow...sophie looks so big. You have come a long way.... :)