Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The sweeter side...

Note: I wrote this late Sunday night and was interrupted by a screaming Elsa that I had to get back to sleep before I could publish. So "Today" refers to Sunday.

Today was a good day. Sophie and I had a moment. Where we totally connected. Where she was focused. Where she was calm. Actually, it was more than a moment...more like 15 minutes.

Elsa and Charlie were napping. Haley was on the computer. Brandon was playing hockey. Perfect setup to do some much needed one-on-one bonding time with Sophie.

Lately, it has been very hard for me to get Sophie to have some down time. She is constantly on the go. I miss cuddling with her. She was so cuddly and snuggly pre-op. Even post-op for awhile. But when the behavioral issues were kicked into high gear, the sweet cuddly Sophie disappeared. She just could not sit still.

Until today.

We snuggled in bed together...sharing a pillow...laying face to face. I asked her to point to my nose. She did. I asked her to point to your nose. She did. That is a new thing she has learned recently...the meaning of my and your. So we went through all the facial features. She not only pointed to all of them but she said them all too. My heart was beaming with joy. To have this moment. Then we had a little conversation, that went a little like this...

Sophie: Daddy?

Me: Daddy play hockey.

Sophie: Hockey.

Me: Daddy hockey.

Sophie: Hockey.

Me: Daddy hockey.

This went back and forth a few more times. We are working really hard to get her to put two words together, so sometimes we speak in very short phrases.

Sophie: Bock?

Me: Big Rock upstairs.

Bock is Big Rock Candy Mountain DVD that we usually play on a little TV we have in my room but we moved all of that upstairs into their room where Elsa was currently sleeping. This conversation also went back and forth a few more times.

Sophie: Night Night.

Me (singing my made up Night Night song): Night Night Sophie. Night Night Elsa.

Sophie: Row Row.

Me (singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat): Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Sophie: Night Night.

Me (singing): Night, Night...

Sophie: Row Row.

Me (singing): Row, Row...

This went back and forth quite a few more times. With a HUGE smile on Sophie's face. And even a BIGGER smile on my face. See...our nighttime routine begins with reading books. Then I turn off the lights and lay in bed with Sophie and Elsa and start singing the Night Night song. Elsa, not wanting to go to sleep just yet, will immediately cut me off and starts demanding (in her cute sort of way) another song. Once I start singing another song, she immediately cuts me off again and demands another song. Usually, it goes back and forth between Night Night, Row Row and Monkey (5 Silly Monkey Swinging in the Tree). I humor her a few times and then I say "last song" which she inevitably requests Night Night and they both fall asleep. Well, this was the first time Sophie has ever played this "game" with me. She is getting "it". She is starting to understand things on a deeper level. Simply amazing!!!

Well, our bonding time ended when she started obsessively poking me in the eyes and then went on to obsessively slapping herself in the mouth with the palm of her hand with her tongue hanging out.

But it left my heart full of happiness. Her eyes would light up and she would get all excited every time she knew I understood what she was saying. I am so proud of her. And these moments are what get me through the not so proud moments I have with her. Which I will post about soon...her behavioral issues.

But in the meantime, here's a video of Sophie and Elsa being silly one night right before bedtime. Sophie keeps saying hand throughout the video because she wants to hold Elsa's hand.


Anonymous said...

Loved the video. It was so good to see the girls and Charlie this past weekend. They sure are a busy group. Keep up the good work! I know they are a super handful!!

Just a little KC update....Cousin Julia just ripped off her whole left big toe nail. It's never quiet over there either!!


Adesta said...

So precious! Sophie looks wonderful!

Quiet....I'm not sure I know what that is anymore. Never seems to be quiet in my house...even in the middle of the night. Someone is always snoring! lol

baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh Elaine...I needed this post.


...I'll email you later. Crazy busy today.



blogzilly said...

I'm really happy to hear that you had a moment like that. It's funny, because over the past weekend I was so blown away by Bennett and his behavoiral issues that I discovered something that helps me cope and I wanted to pass it along.

It may seem weird, but it's working. If I start to become unlgued managing what I have grown to call his 'Healing Behavoir', I make sure someone has him on their radar and then I go watch some videos of him having seizures. I have lots.

It's crazy, but it reminds me of two things. One, that he is not having seizures right now and how much he had to go through to get to that point. And two...it reminds me of a GIANT MONSTER that we beat the hell out of. So any new GIANT MONSTERS, like the behavior, well...we can beat that too.

You've always been strong, you've always been an inspiration to me because of your strength. I know you'll continue to be strong.

Moments like what you shared about the 15 minutes of interaction and the video? Those will help you get through the rough spots.

(They help us too...since we do follow your life and seeing some of that and reading it makes us feel smiley as well.)

Colby said...

Elaine....What a wonderful way to end my evening!...Seeing your lovely ladies being silly little girls!...They are PRECIOUS!

Sophie looks WONDERFUL! So bright and interactive....

I know you must feel like you have traded one issue for another....But, like Ken said, these "moments" will get you through and help you deal with these new challenges...And you will conquer this as you did the seizures!

Hang tough!


Connie said...

I'm so glad I get to see your kids "grow up". Love ya!

Aunt Connie

MJStump said...

How awesome of a day that must have been for you with Sophie! It's amazing how things can be soo crazy, and then you get those moments of hope and pure joy to keep you going!

The video is simply adorable!

Hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

I got a good laugh from the video. I really enjoy the photos and videos of the kids. Glad to hear about Sophie's latest development.


Anonymous said...

Just watching the girls have so much fun together brought back a lot of memeories of Nickie and Casey when they were little. It was always so much fun to watch them. I know you say Sophie is always on the go , but she has a lot to explore that was bottled up inside for a long time, and she seemes to be learning it very fast. Once she has seen and touched everything she wants I am sure she will settle down. Or she could just be a true Widmann, Look at her grandma. Does she ever stop. It is hard to get any of to sit down. Maybe she is just following in our footsteps. Your kids are so much fun to be around because they have such great personalities. Keep cuddling, because it goes by to fast.

Love, Aunt Tammy