Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go girls...

Elsa is doing incredible. She is now pulling herself to a stand and her crawling has become much better. I found her standing in her crib when I went to get her from her nap yesterday. Today, she repeatedly pulled herself to a stand using the ottoman to try to get Sophie's sippy cup that was sitting on top of it. It was so adorable. As soon as she would stand up, she would fall over. But she kept trying and trying until she fell pretty hard and started crying. All that practice paid off because by the end of the night, she was standing pretty steadily.

Sophie is talking more and more each day. She is using sign language all the time now without being prompted and her word approximations are becoming more clear. Her newest words are dog, star and open (all are approximations but are close). She is also much more stable and climbing up anything and everything. Her mood is so much better and she has lost a couple of the pounds she gained during ACTH.

Haley tried out for dance competition and made it onto 5 different competition lines (though she only accepted 4 so she could have an extra night off during the school week). She did so well in her competition lines last year with winning a double platinum in one of them. She also started school last week and will again be in the Quest program (a gifted program in which she was accepted into for scoring so high on a special test she took). It amazes me how incredibly smart she is.

I am so proud of all my girls!!!


Anonymous said...

For a summer that started off with the bummer of daily injections for Sophie it certainly has ended on a high note!!

Sounds like your days are going to get even busier with two girls on the move constantly!


baby trevor's mommy said...

Wow! I think I feel you beaming! I know I'm smiling for all of your girls!

ps. Trevy seems to like the Signing Time vids...I finally broke down & bought two of them. Toby & Bri are walking around signing everything!