Thursday, March 08, 2007


Sophie and I have been to Chicago twice since my last post (sorry I am not being very diligent in updating the blog). Our first trip to Chicago was three weeks ago with my sister, Erin, and her two sons, Colin and Nicholas. We drove up on Thursday and stayed with my other sister, Erica, and her husband, Ricky, until Sunday. I have to admit, the thought of being in a car with 3 young kids seemed overwhelming at first but it went surprisingly well. There was absolutely no crying or screaming or fighting - wow!!! It took us about 10 hours to get there (it should normally take about 5.5 hours). We left on Thursday around 12:45pm (right after picking Colin and Nicholas up from school) and stopped around 2:15pm to have lunch. That was our first surprise...that the kids lasted until then to eat lunch all the while not complaining about being hungry (hmmm, maybe the fasting for the keto diet will go better than I think). Then we drove about an hour and a half to the Children's Discovery Museum. The kids absolutely had a blast playing and we ended staying there from 5:30pm until they closed at 8pm. It was completely empty since it was a school night. The museum allowed us to bring in food so I left to get dinner while all the kids continued to play. By the time we reached Erica's and Ricky's house, the kids were fast asleep and transferred from the car without waking up.
We had a fun-filled weekend between going to Chuck-E-Cheese, bowling, playing with Sylvester the cat, etc. Sophie's appointment for her helmet went well. They made minor adjustments and we were on our way. The trip home went as smoothly as the trip there and we only made one stop to have lunch. Thank you again, Erica and Ricky, for your wonderful hospitality. We cannot wait to come visit again.

Our second trip to Chicago was last Friday. This was a fly there and fly back in the same day trip with just Sophie and me. Sophie is such a wonderful traveler. Though, the flight home was challenging with having to sit in a middle seat while holding Sophie in my lap. The plane was about 45 minutes delayed coming into the airport. Once the plane arrived and people started getting off the plane, I noticed that Sophie had a smelly diaper. So I rushed her to the bathroom to change her diaper and by the time I got back, they already started boarding. We were flying Southwest so there is no assigned seating but Sophie and I get to pre-board. So I rush up to the front and realized that I cannot find my boarding pass. Argh!!! So I got a new boarding pass and by the time we got on the plane there were only middle seats left. We sat in between a male college student and an older lady. Both were very understanding. Sophie was very active but at least she was happy. Her appointment went well. Her head shape is improving. This time they took measurements and pictures along with making minor adjustments to the helmet. Her cranial vault asymmetry went down from a 7mm to 4mm. Her skull base asymmetry went down from 5mm to 3mm. This is great improvement considering her old orthoticist said that there was nothing else we could do!!!

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