Friday, February 09, 2007

Another specialist...

We met with the Otolaryngologists yesterday. Of course he recommended that Sophie get tubes put in her ear. I am on the fence on whether or not to get tubes for her. When he looked in Sophie's ear, they looked infection, no fluid. So I am thinking that maybe I will wait and see if she gets another ear infection. You can get tubes put in while you have an ear infection. Maybe she is over the hump. On the other hand, even if she is over the hump for this cold and flu season, there is always next year. Do we really want to deal with another ear infection??? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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Great Aunt Barb said...

I don't blame you for waiting as long as she's well. Grandms Deb has given me some first hand reports on how Sophie is moving along and loves to stand and practice walking.

Give her some applause for us!!