Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Developmental Update...

Sophie is now pushing herself up to a "stand". She gets in the high-kneel position and then holds on to something low to the ground. She then slides one foot forward and then the other so her legs are straight and her feet are on the ground but her butt is up in the air. She is trying so hard to stand but she does not have the strength. Sophie has been diagnosed with mild hypotonia. Though, she is getting stronger and is gaining more balance. She does not wobble as much when she is holding on to your hands in a standing position. If she sees something that she REALLY wants to get, she will even pick her feet up and try to walk when you are holding on to her. Her desire is there. That means so much that she has the desire to continue to develop and learn through everything that is going on inside her body. Between the seizures, brain abnormalities and various medications, she is still trying. I am so proud of my baby girl!!!

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Great Aunt Barb said...

We are really proud of her too!! The physical therapy you and she work on constantly is paying off slowly but surely. Every time she uses a muscle she strengthens it..and then you add how extra hard she has to work to figure out how to coordinate what she wants to do with those muscles!!! She is amazing! I think she is your very own "Little Engine That Could." No matter the obstacle, she just keeps moving on.

Keep up that "I think I can" attitude, Sophie. I know you can!!

Aunt Barb