Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sophie's best friends...

Well, actually, Laney and Brock are Sophie's best friends by default. Jen (Laney's mom), Dana (Brock's mom) and I all lived together after we graduated from college. We use to dream about the day we would be married and have kids and how much fun it was going be. WRONG! Well, we all DID get married and we all DO have kids and it IS fun - just not the kind of fun we imagined. What happened to all the free time we were suppose to have so we could get together often to go shopping, have lunch, lounge around - all while having perfectly behaved kids that can easily entertain themselves??? Oh, how naive we were!!! I love when couples that don't have kids talk about how busy their lives are... ha - I did not realize what busy was until now. To all you couples without kids who are someday planning to have kids - ENJOY THE FREEDOM, ENJOY SLEEPING IN, ENJOY BEING ABLE TO GO TO THE STORE WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT, JUST ENJOY... On the other hand, nothing will ever touch your heart as the laugh of your child.

Sophie & Brock with Scott (Brock's dad)

Laney & Sophie

Laney crawling over Brock

Jennifer, Me & Dana (Pre-baby days)

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Great Aunt Barb said...

Looks like fun...and I'm glad to see that Sophie has been able to maintain the hairdo that the hairdresser gave her after her first haircut. Once I leave a salon I can never get mine to look the same.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.


Aunt Barb