Sunday, February 07, 2010

Charlie, Charlie...

He's our man.
If he can't do it, no one can.

That's a little chant we say sometimes. Except, Sophie likes the version that ends in "...we'll throw him in a garbage can".

And he is literally our little man. Just check out these pictures...

On the very day he was born, Brandon nicknamed him Button (after Benjamin Button). Especially when he had a little wrinkled forehead. Everyone that meets him, thinks he looks like a little man. I agree. His name fits him perfectly.

Charlie is 7 months old today. He is babbling (says dadadadada), army crawling all over the place, pulling to a high kneel, transitioning to the sitting position, working on perfecting the pincer grasp, eating soft regular foods and likes to dance. He loves to play with the Little People Happy Sounds Home for long periods of time (he likes to open and close the refrigerator door and toilet lid). He is much amused by his sisters and loves to be in the mix of it. He is a great baby. Very laid back and happy.

And he had his first (and hopefully last) EEG on Wednesday. He was freaking me out with some crazy head bobbing. It started a little over a week ago. And he was doing it consistently every day and various times throughout the day. This was the same age Sophie started with her head drops. Except I didn't think they were anything until she had her first jackknife seizure 3 weeks later.

I tried to ignore the odd movements he was making. Because they were more like head bobs rather than head drops. But my heart just couldn't take it anymore. So I called Sophie's neuro on Tuesday and they got us in the next day! He had a one hour EEG and then we met with the neuro immediately after (we weren't suppose to have an official appt for another week but his other patient didn't show up). He looked over the EEG and said it was NORMAL!!! He did a full exam and everything looked great. I know that is a lot to go through for some piece of mind but it was definitely worth it. Because I was driving myself nuts.

Here are some random pictures over the past couple of months...


blogzilly said...

I gotta admit, that were I to have a child now, after Bennett, every little twitch or movement or bob or nod or ANYTHING would send me straight to the hospital.

After the miscarriage this past year we have made the final decision to not have any more kids. I think I might have 'the procedure'...oy.

Nice pics of Charlie and the whole family. I'll call him Balok. The hubby might get that reference, if not let me know and I'll explain. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 7 months Little Charlie!! He's a little doll. And after we were in to visit I have to say you're not exaggerating when you talk about what a good baby he is. He's one of the more pleasant little ones I've met. See you soon



Lisa said...

He is adorable! Even just reading that you were worried made my heart rise up in my throat...I can't even imagine how fearful you were. Thank goodness everything turned out okay.

We also do the same chant with Daniel..."Dan Dan he's our man"...Julia loves it too! I've never heard the trash can part though...hee hee.

MJStump said...

I think "little man" is just perfect for Charlie! He is so cute!

Glad to know that his EEG was normal and that you got in so quick!

Happy 7 month birthday to Charlie!

JSmith5780 said...

Absolutely worth it for peace of mind. So glad it was normal!

JSmith5780 said...

And I have to admit, I freaked about Connor once and he also had an EEG done! You are NOT ALONE!

Adesta said...

He's adorable!!! Can't believe he's 7 months already though! Then again, I can't believe my baby will be a year in 2 months!! *sigh* Where does the time go?

Glad to read that the head bopping was nothing but just head bopping. It's weird, since "meeting" all of you and your children, I watch Kym like a hawk for any weird movements, but thankfully, I haven't noticed any.

Love Sophie's version to the song...that's too funny!

Lori said...

Oh How scary. I am so glad everything turned out normal. He totally looks like a little old man. Sweet boy. After all that pink, you must love some blue in the house.

Give the gang a hug from Nora. And me!


Colby said...

Your Charlie is just ADORABLE! He just looks like he is ALL personality!!

I am so thankful that you got the "all clear" from your neuro...

If Colby had been my first, it would have been scary to have another child....So I am glad he came second!