Saturday, March 07, 2009

What a week...

Elsa woke up last Saturday morning with a 102.5 degree fever that just would not go away. I took her to the pediatrician on Tuesday and it turns out that she has a urinary tract infection. She is on antibiotics and finally started feeling better on Thursday night. But in the meantime, she was LITERALLY attached to my hip. Her feet did not hit the ground for days. She was not sleeping very well at night so I was up giving in to her every demand. And demanding she was!!! She is now being detoxed from being spoiled so much. It is not going so well.

On top of that, Sophie was not sleeping very well and was having more seizures than usual. We increased Banzel on Monday to 300mg (100mg in AM and 200mg in PM) and on Friday to 400mg (200mg 2x/day). She is doing much better now and her seizures have somewhat stabilized. Though, she was up at 5am in this morning and had a fairly large cluster of seizures. But she has been in a VERY happy mood ever since then. She was extremely loud and vocal today. The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday and today and we have been spending a lot of time outside. We have to take advantage of these days as they come and go this time of the year. (Heather...I think California is calling our name louder than ever).

On top of that, I am 5 months pregnant.

So it made for a very exhausting week.


Marc said...

What is Banzel? I have never heard of this medication. Sounds like a some mixed results so far but it is early still?

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!! Spring is right around the corner!!


baby trevor's mommy said...

We had a beautiful day yesterday. Bri & I even headed to the beach (along with most of RI btw). Today? Snow! Ack!

Anyway...that's a lotta drama for a preggo girl!

I'm hoping Banzel just keeps getting better for Sophie!


Tara - Aidan's Mommy said...

What is Sophie's target dose for Banzel? Aidan is at his target dose of 600mg a day and we're still seeing some head drops, but we haven't increase his Lyrica dose back up yet (doctor's appt on Friday). Hopefully when we increase it back we'll get the results we saw a couple weeks ago.

We had gorgeous weather here to in MD and then it went back to cold and then today it's supossed to be 65 degrees. I can't wait for SPRING!!!

Kim said...

My doctor just talked with us about trying Banzel for our 4 year old. She still hasn't grown out of her infantile spasms and is on Depakote and Vigabatrin. Down to about 10 seizures a day but now they're getting worse. We're seriously considering Banzel. Any suggested docs we can contact that may have tried this before? Our doctor is trying to figure out if we can take her off the Depakote and combine it with the Vigabatrin, but she's never tried this drug before.

Lori said...

I hope you have been having a better week since this post! Hope to see you your belly picture soon!


Heather said...

Come to California .... Come to California .... hear it calling????Hoping everyone is on the mend and that Sophie's seizures have stabilized.Take care of yourself little pregnant momma,okay?

Jackson's Blog said...

I just looked at the date again of the was Monday. I hope it went smoothly! Sorry, I have been out of town and still exhausted! ;-)