Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet dreams...

We started Sophie on Neurontin two nights ago. Even though Neurontin is a seizure medication, we are using it for a sleeping aid. Melatonin did nothing for her...probably because her issue was never falling asleep but staying asleep. She has slept through the night on both nights. Though, she immediately threw up after taking last night's dose. We finally found a medication that Sophie cannot tolerate. It is liquid form and I guess it taste terrible even though it is suppose to have a strawberry flavor. I cannot bring myself to taste it but if Sophie thinks it is bad then it is HORRIBLE. Maybe if we mix it in with some yummy drink, she will tolerate it better. Time to start experimenting.


Lori said...

Nora just got over a 20 day stretch of various antibiotics to get rid of her UTI and she spit them all out. And gag every time. Especially the one that tastes LITERALLY like vomit. I tasted it. I finally figured out to put it into premade chocolate milk-like the kind you'd get at school lunch. Just enough to cover the taste. It worked like a charm.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I have never tasted any of Trevy's drugs. Cept maybe to lick the sticky from my fingers. Of have the *bump* excuse!

I've been tossing around the idea of asking neuro about Neurotonin too. Meli did nothing for Trevor either. Except on those rare nights when he just can't seem to fall back to sleep.

Crossing fingers that Sophie gets used to the flavor...and you guys have lots of sleepy nights ahead!