Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wow, wow, wow...
Sophie has slept through the night the last three nights!!! Usually, she will wake up twice to eat. The first night Sophie slept through the night, Brandon was getting her ready for bed. I had just bought some overnight diapers and asked Brandon if he used one. He said "I will save those for when she actually sleeps through the night". So that night, she went to bed at 8:45pm and did not wake up until 8:00am!!! Wow - she is such a good baby!!!

Sophie turned 9 months old today. She wanted to make today special and full of memories for us. There has been numerous times that I would lay her on the floor on a blanket and walk out of the room for a moment. She would just lay there or sit there and play with her toys. Well, today I laid her down on a blanket on her tummy and by the time I came back into the room she was halfway under the couch!!! She has never continuously rolled before. She hasn't even rolled from her back to her tummy in weeks and just yesterday was the first time she has rolled from the tummy to her back. I was amazed to find her halfway under the couch and did not understand how she possibly got there. So I picked her up, put her back on the blanket, and she started rolling - back to tummy, tummy to back, back to tummy... Well, it doesn't stop there. Today she also decided she was going to figure out how to go from sitting to laying. She was sitting on the blanket and there was a toy she wanted that was out of her reach. So she leaned over and laid down and rolled over to get it. Wow - she is getting to be so mobile.

Sophie is also getting to be so vocal. She will scream "ahhhhh" at the top of her lungs repeatedly. And she has started laughing again. A big belly laugh - it is so precious.

I did not realize until now how much the drugs were keeping her sedated. We are now down to 20 units. She is still having seizures and they are still mild - just not as mild as when she was on 80 units. Her appetite is slowly decreasing which I think is why she has started sleeping through the night again.

I am so happy and excited to watch her personality grow.


Vivian Liu said...


I heard from Brandon over phone about the rolling to lie under couch story. But it's still fun to read off your blog and see Sophie's photo! I also heard her laughter over the phone, and therefore I can testify that she did sound happy because it was really loud :). Good to see her progresses almost every single day.

Keep up good work, Sophie.

Vivian Liu

Great Aunt Barb said...

Hurrah for you Sophie!!!! Now you can really start exploring this great big exciting world. Since I have presonally heard your squeals of delight and giggles over the phone I know how much you are enjoying your new found energy. Be a good girl and keep Mom and Dad on their toes! I love you....
Aunt Barbie